The Days of Sarajevo festival is organized by the Youth Initiative for Human Rights, in cooperation with the Belgrade City Administration – the Agency for the cooperation with non-governmental organizations and European harmonization.

Youth Initiative for Human Rights (the Initiative) is a regional network of non-governmental organizations, with programs on the territory of Serbia, Kosovo, Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia and Herzegovina. The Initiative was formed by young people from these countries with a wish to promote the participation of the young in the democratization of the society and strengthening the rule of law, through the process of facing the past and establishing new progressive links in the post-conflict region of former Yugoslavia. The Initiative was formed in 2003, and more than 50 people and several hundred volunteers work daily on various projects and the work of the organization. The Youth Initiative for Human Rights promotes truth, justice, responsibility and equality as the basic values. Centers of the Initiative are situated in Belgrade, Pristina, Podgorica, Zagreb and Sarajevo.

Agency for Cooperation with NGOs and for European Harmonization was founded in September 2005 as an institutional mechanism of cooperation of the City Administration and the organizations of the civil society. The agency deals with providing the NGOs with their working conditions and including the civil sector into the city’s development processes, within initiatives which lead to European integration. The Agency provides help for NGOs, especially in carrying out projects of mutual interest. The Agency is also engaged in education with the aim of strengthening the capacities of the employees of the City Administration, for raising the expertise level and readiness for inclusion in the processes of European integrations.